What’s your biggest earning Affiliate Program on your Blog?

As blog owners many of us run many Affiliate Programs to earn money online while we write. A lot of the time it depends on what sort of blog you have to what Affiliate Programs you use. A question i get asked a lot is what is my highest earning Affiliate program at the moment on my blog. This is a hard question to ask as i use many Affiliate programs on my website. However i can tell which ones made me more money last month if you want..? The answer is a close one as i had two high performing programs last month in sales.

My Biggest Earning Affiliate Program Last Month

Like i said it was a close call so i will mention both below.

  • Bidvertiser – Publisher Ad Network Similar to Adsense – Made most money by referring Advertisers or Publishers but also the ad block at the bottom of my posts.
  • Elegant Themes – Provider of extremely high quality wordpress themes..

Other programs such as Performanceads are coming close to these as well, maybe next month it will be them. (Please note as people sometimes get confused with this, AdSense is an Affiliate Program.)

What’s your biggest earning Affiliate Program on your Blog (comment below)?


  1. Yeah Bidvetiser is a really good program, i use as well and it is top paying for me too…

  2. Sarah Wilson says

    I have started using Performance ads on mine and it is doing really well… I have n’t tried Bidvertiser but it sounds good. I will try them and sign up through you… thanks Timon

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