Where is Msn these Days..?

Do you use Msn..? I was just checking all my stats for all of all my websites and noticed a big change.. Msn does not seem to exist much no more.. I remember a few years ago Msn used to be in my stats all the time and now it seems to account for about 5% or less of my overall traffic.

“Where is Msn..?”

This got me asking quite a few questions, why did they change there algorithm a few years ago, why am i ranking so much better in google and yahoo and lastly what types of websites are ranking well in there index..? I have been thinking of a couple of possible theories after looking at there engine..

where is msn these days

Is it possible that they rank websites less on certain types of content these days, too many links on a page, too many headings or excessive alt tags, which the other major search engines do not..? Anyway instead of me debating on there algorithm for hours, what are your thoughts..?

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