Which Internet Browser is Better? Mozilla, Explorer or Chrome?

Really easy question, which one do you think is the better browser. If so why? In the past I have tried them all, but seem to always come back to Mozilla. I really like the speed of Chrome yet it does not seem to have what it takes on script applications such as some html gets ignored.

Anyways back to my question, which Internet browser do you think is better, vote below?

which is your favourite browser

Old school Internet Explorer Above – Tried and tested by everyone, a bit sluggish but does the job..

which internet browser is best

Mozilla Firefox Above – Now one of the most popular browsers in the world. A balance of most features for a browser.

mozilla, explorer or chrome, which is the best browser

The New Google Chrome Above – Sleek, fast and glossy. Although does not seem to handle all features and some common html seems to be ignored on websites.

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  1. Luca Di Nicola says

    I prefer Firefox but to be fair I have yet to try Chrome.

  2. Hey Luca,
    I only just started using chrome occassionally recently, it is faster than others but reads a lot of code wrong. Maybe they will fix this issue and it will become very popular..

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