Which one is better, Kontera or Google Adsense or Bidvertiser?

kontera or google or bidvertiser which is better?We all have seen all these contextual advertising companies online, especially Google AdSense. They all seem to have gotten very popular on blogs and websites alike. We all have our own opinion on these contextual Companies, which one is better…? Which one suits my website more? Let’s first look at there differences.

“Personally myself i prefer Kontera Advertising and Bidvertiser in look and payment options…”

Kontera Contentlinks –

kontera or google or bidvertiser which is better?There an in content form of advertising used in content on a website. Kontera are seen by the double line that they use on keywords in content. They blend well into websites and don’t seem to make the website look spammy which is good. The bonus with Kontera ads is they open in a new window. An example of kontera can be seen here.

Google Adsense –

We all know Google Adsense, its the block of ads we see in websites all over the the internet. They contextually match the websites page and are very popular on all types of webites. There contextual matching is awesome to individual pages. In fact i can’t think of a company that has matched there contextual system out there in how they match your page.

The negative side of Google Adsense is they don’t open there ads in a new window, and therefore the website loses the reader or customer. That’s a big one, you want to keep your customers or readers on your website, not lose them.

Bidvertiser Ads –

Well not as popular as Google Adsense or Kontera lately, Bidvertiser are still a great contender. Although there ads are not fully contextual they go by category and then by relevance. They look very similar to Google Adsense in the way they are presented . There most positive aspect is they have a good anti click fraud system to ensure the publisher is safe and advertiser by detecting ips and blocking too many clicks from one ip.

Such a good bonus that one, as it stops negative effects from random ips from effecting your account. Without being too controversial this is a possible aspect Google Adsense should work on to protect there publishers as well as the advertisers from click fraud.

Also if you sign up to be a publisher, Bidvertiser publisher ads, open in New window and payout can be into a Paypal account for as low as $10. You can also promote your Website with BidVertiser and Get $20 in FREE clicks.

Which contextual advertising do you think is better? Even from a readers point of view which do you prefer?
Kontera Contentlinks Vs Google Adsense vs Bidvertiser…Vote below or comment your opinion…?

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  1. Begin Earning Dot Com says

    I monetize my blog using bidvertiser and Kontera and I really like bidvertiser.

  2. Hi,

    I just thought to point out that you can run all of the three of these on your page at the same time and experiment as I just have found out with full details at http://www.itcomparison.com/blg/advertising/can-i-place-google-ads-on-the-same-page-with-third-party-ads.html
    So if you are new to this, its a good idea to mix between your Ads campaign choices, then figure out the one that work out best for you.

    I hope that will help some of you enhance his earning.

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