Who uses Sezwho..?

who uses sezwho

Do you use Sezwho..? I have recently implemented the plugin on my other blog – the Occult Blogger to see how it goes.. It appears to have gotten me a small amount of extra traffic for my new blog, however most of the traffic appears to be on the Sezwho platform.. I am wondering if i should implement it here and see how it goes, possibly it may increase traffic and create more social reaction on this blog..?

So far the Benefits of Sezwho..!

  • More Traffic, however mainly from within there network so far
  • Cool looking blog post rating system
  • Allowing commenter’s to follow certain commenter’s RSS
  • Crosslinking to my other website

If you use Sezwho please let me know your thoughts on it..? If you use a similar social commenting system like Intense Debate let me know your thoughts.. I will continue to evaluate it on my other blog and see how it goes, however to hear some other peoples opinions below will help me decide more whether it is worth it..


  1. Hey Timon,

    Jitendra from SezWho here…Add another thing to the benefits:

    Auto facebook publications
    SEO positive


    Also let me know if there is anything we can do?

    Thanks, Jitendra

  2. Hello Timon,

    Thank you for the feedback. I hope you continue enjoying the benefits of SezWho.

    SezWho is now available with Facebook Connect!

    As always, please feel free to mail me in case of any assistance.


  3. Hey Jitendo, Priya,
    Always good to hear from the people behind the sezwho script themselves, thanks for your comments..!

    Awesome script by the way!

    Yeah, I think I will implement it here in the next couple of weeks, my biggest concern was if it would slow down my websites load time, but it appears that the script runs really fast now..

    Thanks heaps for the contact support, I will probably contact later for Integration advice here..

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