Why are Affiliate Program Networks so hard to Join?

Omg….! Why are Affiliate Program Networks so hard to Join? This has to be one of the most frustrating aspects of these networks. You sign up to find you have to call, submit some W8 or W9 form to then have to wait to then have to wait some more.. For me I just wanted to provide some of the better Affiliate Networks to join for my readers sake, but I tell you what if it is this hard to join I do not imagine many sign ups…

Why not just let Affiliates Sign Up and Try the Network?.. Simple..

What I do not understand is why they cannot just allow sign up and then evaluate your website, it seems almost like a job interview the process and hello this is online marketing. I simple solution for them would be just a straight forward evaluation of your website over a month, allow a W8 or W9 form to be submitted in admin and further more do not ask the affiliate signing up to call you… That is the biggest no no in online marketing straight there…

 Affiliate Program Network or is it a Job Interview..

What is it with all these calls and forms they need anyway, its not like the Affiliate has made any money yet..? Why not let them just check you out and see what you have to offer? Is this a job interview or..? I am sure a lot change of sign ups, change there mind later on anyway..

So far it seems to be with all the promising Affiliate Networks, except for Pepperjam.. I will not mention the names of the ones that do this as I am sure you know.. If you are an Affiliate Network manager maybe you could shed some light on to why so much is needed, just to try your program network out…? comment below..

Until then it is a mystery why they ask for so much just to sign up… I mean other Affiliate Programs that yes do earn you money are fine to just sign up and try..

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