Why Choose Bidvertiser – The Benefits Overview

why choose bidvertiser benefits of bidvertiserWhen choosing advertisers online for your website there is a myriad of types to choose from.

After trial and error I have come to conclusion Bidvertiser is a great option for CPC Advertising?  ( Performance depends on your niche though so do some testing over a few weeks to see how it performs. )

I know there’s a lot of good CPC programs out there like Google AdSense, so why would I or you choose Bidvertiser?

Benefits of Bidvertiser over other Cost Per Click Programs –

  • Clicks open in new window. This is great for keeping your visitor on your site still while taking them to the advertiser and still making money.
  • Being able to choose CPC Advertisers bid amount meaning if you want all you clicks off your website being over a dollar per click you can… Think about how good that is if say you got like say 500 Bidvertiser clicks per month. $500 plus.
  • Being able to choose your advertisers for your website category.
  • Easily edited Ad presentation.

The negative aspect of this network it that it does not work great in every niche so testing is needed to see how it performs on a per site basis.

Overall Bidvertiser is a good choice for any online website owner, if you haven’t seen there Ads much before then have a look at the one above this paragrah in this post. The most important aspect i believe other than being able to set the bid amount is the fact that you won’t lose your valuable customers when they click on an ad (opening in a new window).. For me that made them the obvious choice.

For more information or to sign up for the Publisher Program for your website or Blog Click here.

Also if you are after some free promotion they are currently giving away 20 dollars in free clicks to any new Advertisers through there online network.

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