Why do you Blog?

why do you blog, what motivates you?Why do you Blog? Such a common question yet so many answers, could be a passion, could be for the money, could be for enjoyment or could be for confusion (joke)?

No matter what, everyone that runs a Blog has a reason, or an initial drive that made them begin.

Blog writing is a creative passion and an income for me so that is my main drive and motivation. Also I find my online creative side in many ways is addictive so that is what keeps me going. What is yours?

Why do you Blog? What Motivates You? Main Reason..

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  1. I love blogging. But most of all, it’s because I can share my views and what I’d like to say. And for once, the world is listening = )

  2. Good point, it alllows a lot of world wide expression and say.. I love that side of blogging as well 🙂

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