Why Fear is Hurting the Economy?

Fear is nothing less than another hindrance in today’s society. Another Stress.. It is hard enough for most people having to make the monthly mortgage repayments, but to also throw in future fear as well. It’s times like these that stress and fear are a major factor in what we buy, what we do and how we live our lives. Are you effected by fear..? If you think not, then after reading this you may change your mind..?

  1. Fear of losing the Mortgage
  2. Fear of Losing Your Job
  3. Fear of War
  4. Fear of the Economy
  5. Fear of ending up on the street..
  6. Fear of no Petrol

All common fears, but there are so many more..

So Many Fears In Society

Let me start this post by saying Fear has always be
en a part of the media and society .. It has made people buy those safety devices, excessive weapons, change laws, buy certain items and even go to war whether it is right or wrong. Some of these things are not so bad, while others are down right wrong or not needed. Either way as an American or an Australian most people live in fear everyday, especially these days. And at the moment it is mainly related to MONEY.

With resources and economies being affected worldwide we have reason to be fearful or is all mainly media hype..? I can’t say i am not worried a little about the future of the world, i am sure it effects my spending and how i live to a degree. It’s in the media, it’s on the tv and its being spread by word.. In fact it is hard to escape it.. And to degree it is another added stress for many people. A stress which effects many people’s health and well being.

Fear is Hurting the Economy!

So if it is effecting me and you, then how is it effecting the world as a whole or a nation fed with fear as a media source.? Let’s take a quick look. The first thing fear does and it is basically proven when it relates to economy is create less spending. Even marginal less spending in America has massive repercussions. Spending being the major drive of an economy..  This less spending alone can really hurt the Economy..

With that said i will confidentially say Fear is Definitely Hurting the Economy.

So what is the solution you may ask? Good question and i guess that is why so many discussions are happening around the world and many economists are scratching there head. To me many aspects have to change and change soon. What do you think?

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