Why is a Dedicated IP a good Online Investment?

Why is a Dedicated IP a good Online Investment?Well choosing your hosting provider online, you may notice one extra cost that can be purchased. That extra cost is for a dedicated Ip. Especially with all the budget hosting plans out there this is generally a extra cost option. Even though it is a extra cost it is one cost i believe is a great investment and i will tell you why…?

A Dedicated Ip can protect your Online Business…

By using a dedicated Ip, for your websites it allows you to be the only one on that Ip, meaning instead of possibly sharing it with thousands of others you have your own unique IP. This can be very important in the case of say someone gets banned or deranked in the search engines with the shared Ip. This can potentially derank you or effect your website as well being part of the same Ip…

Basically it stops anything associated to the shared hosts from effecting your websites. Also if you type in your Ip address as follows http://youripaddress your website will come up as well… Also as a bonus some webmasters have claimed that  having a dedicated Ip has helped there overall search engine rankings… Whatever it is for the extra 2 dollars a month most hosts charge for this service, it is a small charge when you think about the negatives that could effect your online business…To purchase a online dedicated Ip for your web host, simply contact you host company.


  1. Nice one dude. You made me think of having my own IP. I think it cost $2/month in hostgator. I believe also that it can help for SEO.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Yeah it is a good safe online investment… and for $2 a month extra from most hosts, why risk it hey… đŸ™‚

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