Why keep Negative Comments on your Blog?

When writing a blog or writing for a blog chances you will eventually receive a negative post comment. The quickest reaction might be to delete the comment instead of posting. But before you do unless the comment has swear words in it I have noticed that they can really improve traffic.

After all a blog comment is one persons opinion, so one negative comment in amongst positive ones shows that you are willing to be open about all views on a post. And in reality negative comments usually look bad when in amongst good positive comments. This can in turn lower there traffic if the negative commenter has there own blog attached to the blog comment.

Recently I noticed I receive a lot of traffic from stumbleupon about the blog post – How to beat a blogging Addiction? When I viewed the stumbleupon comments on this url I noticed a lot of traffic being received from the negative comments pages in stumbleupon as well as the positive ones. I mean some comments are so ridiculous there funny. Here is a screenshot below.

why keep negative comments on your blog

People will always want to see why people find a post or website negative and if they view and don’t agree then it makes the commenter themselves look bad. Also one more thing before I end this post don’t let negative comments get you down, some people complain about everything… After all this is the blogosphere…

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