Why Most Affiliate Networks Suck?

There are so many affiliate networks out there and new ones that seem to be springing up regularly.. In this post I wanted to address the most common flaw in some affiliate networks that just needs to be addressed.

First of all there are exceptions such as Neverblueads ( do not promote but have heard many great feedbacks on) or Pepperjam, however many others I have had to deal with in the past can really suck…

List of Why Most Affiliate Networks Suck?

1 ) Big Marketing Flaw – For some reason so many ask for this form and that form on sign up to be a member. A simple solution would be to ask for these when a member gets there first commission  in the program, this would allow newbies to try out the system and therefore know if it was for them or not.. I mean do they want members..?

2 )  Phone Call – I could not believe how some asked me to call them to tell them why I am signing up, it was like what the, is it not obvious.. If this is to detect spam sign-ups then they are going about it the wrong way, a blog or website should be good enough judgement and if they want proof it is you, simply ask on Sign Up to use a domain email.. e.g. something@yourdomain.com.. This one is very frustrating..

3 ) Low Support – What I do not get is the feedback I hear from users on the low support issue.. I mean if the support is anything like there Sign Up marketing plan or phone call system it sounds like a nightmare..

4 )  Losing Commissions – Whether or not this is true, many website owners claim losing commissions within many of these networks, it pays to do your research on what works.. I am not saying all are like this, however be cautious..

5 )  Two Tier Affiliate Programs – Okay, okay what happened to the second tier, when checking the program out yourself you notice some affiliate programs have a second tier of earning for signing up direct to the program.. Did the affiliate network swallow these tier earnings or did the program itself change its payment structure for the network..

Overall, these are some of the major factors that personally I think suck.. When signing up for affiliate networks it is best to look out for some of these aspects.. I always recommend signing up for related affiliate programs separately as much as possible as well as using some of these networks..

It’s like the saying do not put all your eggs in the one basket, same goes for affiliate programs..”

If you are part of one of the affiliate networks where some of these factors above relate comment about it below or let me know any that you think may be different to these.. I really did not want to mention names of ones that use these techniques above, I am more hoping some of these affiliate networks may notice my post and make some drastic changes..

If this posts relates to your own experience feel free to link to my post or write your own post on the subject to help spread the word.. Hopefully the affiliate networks practicing these factors above may notice and change there techniques then.. If you think about it them changing is only going to help them in the end any way..

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