Why Most Bloggers do not Earn from their Blog?

Why Most Bloggers do not Earn from their Blog?Let’s face it, when it comes to blogging most do not earn anything substantial. In fact if you earn over $100 dollars from your blog a month then that puts you in the rare few. So why do some bloggers earn and some do not..? Let me go into a bit of detail on this one.

Are you Taking your Blog Seriously Enough..?

First of all most bloggers do not take their own blog serious enough to make money from it. They see it as a side thing that is a place where they can muck around, do posts and basically be creative. That is all fine, however if you wish to make some money you need to make some changes.

We all know it, you cannot expect a different result from your blog if you keep doing the same thing. Some miraculous super blogger is not going to swoop down and started promoting your blog for free or the search engines are not all of a sudden going to say hey let’s help this blogger. It may happen in the movies and it sounds like a great happy ending yet this is the real world..

Do you Want to Change your Blog and Make Money Now..?

So you may want to change, you may want to earn some money, where do you begin first off you may ask.. Well.. To begin with start seeing you blog as a money earner or a business. You cannot create a foundation without positive thought. Now do what other business owners do, see it like a real business. You want to earn $200 dollars a month from your blog, no problem, start jotting down what will get you there. Want more traffic, no problem, start jotting down how to get that too.. It’s all about mindset and action.

Successful bloggers are not that much different from anyone, it’s really all about doing what needs to be done.

3 Main Focuses for Earning Money Online and Traffic

Lastly try not to focus on what instant techniques their are to make money from your blog, they do not exist. Instead focus on what I have been saying the whole time in previous posts. These methods take time, but work..

1) Plenty of Good Niche Related Unique Content. ( If a blog, it means hundreds of good posts and post regular until your blog is a hub of information on a Niche area… )

2)  Consistent Related Back links

3 ) Related Affiliate Programs – find and promote a range of related affiliate programs to your niche. Maybe to begin with start with ten good programs you think your readers or visitors may like.

4 ) Build Your List – Such as a Autoresponder.. This is crucial to a Blog or Websites success..

5 ) Need More – Follow my guide to get more than 100 visitors a day to your blog and then rinse and repeat to get more.

All related to each other as you can see.. Now you may currently just focus on AdSense, Infolinks or Bidvertiser for earnings which are both good, however remember what I said on multiple income streams. If you use 10 related programs in your blog niche it is a lot easier to be successful.

Another note that helps as well is use a great THEME ( some good wordpress themes I recommend ). If your theme looks too bland it may be time to change to a theme that demands attention. In a way a theme or template is like a suit, It represents your voice in many ways and and a good theme creates more trust.

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