Why most Internet Business is Recession Proof?

why most internet business is recession proofAfter hearing about all the recession news on the tv about certain countries  in the world it is horrible to think how many people will be effected by this.  Even though the market will level out again and and come back in time the immediate effects are always the worst.

There is not much most people can do when effected by recession periods except change there business to adapt to the different market or to plug the business into another countries market. That is where the Internet business comes in….

Why most Internet Business is Recession Proof?

Certain types of business are not effected much by recession and the one i wanted to discuss was the Internet.¬† The main reason the Internet is not effected is –

  • Multiple Currencies (to except to make money) – Shopping Cart Websites – Affiliate Programs
  • Multiple Countries to tap into ( ones that are not effected by any recession) – Worldwide Business
  • Multiple Markets – Many Different demands for web products or services
  • No Rental Costs like conventional business – only hosting and domain name costs
  • No workers needed except yourself to maintain business – Once set up well maintenance is minimal

Overall by looking above you can see that most Internet business has escaped the major costs that are effected by recession. As long as any business can tap into other countries that are not effected, it is a recession proof business.


  1. i am planning to start my own Internet Business but i still need to learn a lot on how to start and manage it.

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