Why Multiple Streams of Internet Income makes more Money?

Like I have mentioned in many of my previous posts before, multiple streams of income is the key to making good money online. The main reason being for this is that some people click on PPC ads, some people click and purchase on affiliate ads and lastly some people click on in text ads like Infolinks. And the interesting thing is some people do not click on some of these.

(Image Above – Multiple streams of income is a bit like a river, as the stream develops its rewards are endless..)

Below is some perfect testimonial examples of mindsets I have gotten feedback on from forums, other blogs, twitter, chat rooms and from my own personal experience.

As mentioned from many fellow Readers or Bloggers on Different Streams of Income –

Some feedback on PPC ads say –

“I ignore ppc ads in sites such as AdSense or Bidvertiser as generally they have low value to me..”

Wheras another may say –

“I do not mind seeing PPC ads on a blog and visit (click) these ads all the time..”

And the same goes with Affiliate Ads –

“I occasionally buy or purchase recommended products or services that other bloggers recommend.. It is quite common for me..”

Or It could be the Opposite –

“I never click on affiliate ads…”

And when it comes to In text ads –

“I don’t mind in text ads, some of them offer great related services for us readers..”

And the Opposite –

“Oh those double line ads, there okay but I ignore them..”

Are you thinking of Multiple Streams of Internet Income Now..?

These sort of examples sum it all up. When you think about it if you had the opportunity to earn $5 dollars a day from one source or $30 dollars a day plus from many sources which would you choose? For me on this blog I currently am earning from over ten main sources related to this niche. Ten main Internet income streams. As you can see from viewing my blog these mainly include in text ads (infolinks), ppc (Bidvertiser) and related affiliate ads. If you are interested in finding out more on how to set up multiple streams of income visit my 5 page free guide on how to set it up on your own blog.

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