Why refer rather than hard sell?

There are two main ways of selling in the world, one is referring a sale and the other is the hard sell…What’s the difference between the two you might ask? Well hard selling is a lot different to referring. Hard selling is where you have a product or service and you just want a sale.

“sales will always improve if you create emotion… referring a sale is one way of creating emotion”

You lay down the benefits with hard selling like referring, but the whole way of getting the sale is by influencing the customer in a confrontational sort of way. Hard selling is a good form of selling on websites, the customer comes for that product so you want to show them quickly how to buy it…

Referring sales is different but can create a lot more sales because you are just saying how wonderful the product is and why not try it. Like when you see a movie and you like it you tell your friends about it and they would say…”yeah that sounds good, i will see that..”

A referring sale is more based on emotion so therefore increases the chance of a sale. Blogs are a great place to refer a sale without sounding like you are selling the product.

An example of Hard Selling –

Say your selling movie tickets, your approach would be maybe… “Wow have you seen this movie, it’s a good movie, it has Tom Cruise in it and it’s a love story and if you buy the tickets now then i will give you a dollar discount… So do you want to buy?”

An example of Refer Selling –

So still the movie tickets…”hi, how are you? I just saw this movie with Tom Cruise, which was so good… The story was a love story but made you think heaps about life…You should go see it, if you like love stories…also if you want to see the movie i can get you a dollar off the ticket, just let me know ok…”

As you can see there’s not much difference between the two, but they both create a different way of thinking and feeling. Both forms are important in different situations, however overall i have noticed that Refer selling which creates emotion is more effective. And if you create a little emotion in your buyer then it’s easier to sell the product or service.

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