Why use more than one Affiliate Program..?

This is an important question i get asked a lot. The main reason to use more than one affiliate program is that it is always good to not put all your invested time into one income. As like a lot of online money bloggers say (such as John Chow) –

“don’t put all your eggs in one basket…!”

This is real a very true statement and i definitely agree with, using multiple income sources for a blog or website is the key in turning it from a low income earner to a good part time earner. Let’s look at this as simply as possible, if say you are promoting 15 forms of affiliate programs on your blog or website then it is easy to see which ones do better than others. In fact i find promoting more does not lower clicks or sales to another.

Now let’s look at the figures of a more than one Affiliate Program Website as an Example.

10 to 15 promoted programs bringing in around one sale from each a day would make if the commission is a small ten dollars a total of 100 to 150 a day… If however you are promoting only one source (a good example is just AdSense) i find the income is only a little higher as compared to the ten to fifteen. This could mean your earning only 20 to 30 from one income source a day and possibly could earn more like 5 times that amount with some small changes…

Why does one Affiliate program promotion receive less sales than 10 to 15..?

This is a really good question, but the answer i believe through my own research is that people are people, and some readers ignore some ads and notice others. We are all different, some check out one, some check out another…   This is still no guarantee of a sale however when you work out the right combination of affiliate programs this conversion will increase as your traffic does as well…

Lastly but not least important is if you have all your efforts in one program and for some reason that affiliate program is closed or cancelled your not left in the dark room so to speak… You have plenty of backup earners and can easily find a replacement for the one that stopped its program… I have had personal experience with programs closing (no matter how successful) and so its a hard one to learn if you earn well from only one program and it happens… Have backup programs and all is well… 🙂


  1. Douglas Brooks says

    How do you find compatible affiliates for more on one site

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