Wikipedia ranks in top five in Google for most Keywords

Lately i have been looking at keyword placement for many top keywords in Google and Wikipedia seems to have stolen the number one position on many top keywords. It has almost gotten to the point there placement is going ahead of hub type websites that are just focused on that one keyword Market.

Have you noticed Wikipedia in the Search Results of Google?

Look at some of these top keyword search results i did today.

Wikipedia ranks top ten in Google for most Keywords


does google love wikipedia


Wikipedia ranks top ten in Google for most Keywords

The ranking poses a lot of questions about Wikipedia in Google:

  • Is it because they are one of the largest websites online?
  • Is it because they have a deal with Google?
  • Or is Google just simply in love…? lol

If it’s the first one then that makes most sense… It looks like Google sees Wikepedia like a super hub of information. However to be more fair couldn’t Wikipedia rank 5th or 6th place compared to website hubs that totally are devoted to that keyword.

An easy way of defining what a hub is like a book on the keyword. Answering all questions on that one keyword, search engines see that website like a resource or information base….And online that is a Hub…eg. A large website of say 200 plus pages related all to one keyword.

Let’s look at some more details on Wikipedia :

  • Wikipedia Alexa Rank : 8
  • Website Links to Wikipedia : 187,000 approx and that’s just to there home page (
  • Pages in Google : 13,500,000 pages

I’m sure them having nearly 200,000 links to there website has a huge part to play in this. Not to mention also there website is frequently updated with more pages similar to a blog. Overall in conclusion i think the size of there website is what is the biggest deciding factor for there Google ranking.


  1. Wikipedia says:

    Thanks Timon Weller for writing an interesting post today on Wikipedia ranking in top five in Google..

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