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As I have mentioned in millions of my previous posts, a good theme or template is one of the most important and valuable elements for your blog or website. Not only does is it create a good first impression for any reader of visitor, it also sums up to the visitor you are serious about writing… Having a good impressive template is also crucial if you want to make some extra money from your blog, which I am sure most of you do…?

So where can i get a Great WordPress Theme…?

While there are many places to get a good free wordpress theme out there, there are some places which provide exceptional themes. One of those places is at WooThemes.

WooThemes is a Club which allows access to Premium WordPress Themes and Templates

Basically how Woothemes works is it is like a membership club where once a member you have access to their Professional WordPress Themes. Yes the membership costs a small amount depending on use of the themes, but after you have had your fill of themes you are free to to not renew membership, although the membership includes good valuable support.. It is good to see some themes are free as well, no membership required… Below is an example of one of there themes available…

an awesome wordpress themes club

“I have to say these are some of the best designed templates for wordpress I have seen out there since finding Elegant Themes ( Elegant Themes is another great place to get a Theme…)”

Another good aspect of WooThemes as well, is they have a good range to choose from for your blog type…

Anyway.. Instead of me going on and on about there work why not go have a look for yourself and tell me what what you think below – Comment I mean..? To find out more on WooThemes Impressive Themes click here…


  1. Hi Web Designer,
    I am new to the word press blogs…. I am in need of Custom Blog Creation….can u suggest me which version is more customisable?…

  2. really good work….thankx for sharing wootheme really nice work done…..

  3. Timon Weller says

    Hey Wayne,
    Sorry i removed some of your links, only one in future comments is allowed if it adds to the post… All the woothemes are customisable, and when you become a member they have a support section… Basically it depends on your blog is about to what sort of customisation you need.

    If you sign up as a member at Woothemes they can advise you on your best options… 🙂

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