WordPress Thematic vs Hybrid vs Thesis vs Wp Unlimited

In my previous post i talked about why i decided on Hybrid Original as my new Theme of choice here on Buyers Web. In this post i thought i would put it up to the public to vote below (My readers in particular). Let you decide what theme you think is best out of WordPress Thematic vs Hybrid vs Thesis vs Wp Unlimited.

All of the themes – WordPress Thematic, Hybrid, Thesis and Wp Unlimited are highly focused on seo, fast loading elements and good reader functionality. The way i see it all of  the themes below are good, but how good is up to you..?

Below is a run down and screen shot of all Themes for choosing which one you think is better. I am not going to do an in depth description of each theme so this vote is mainly based on those that know the basic rundown on the themes. If you want visit each theme url below to help make your decision.

Thematic WordPress Thematic

thematic themeAuthor of Thematic – Ian Stewart from Themeshaper.com (Free Theme)

Hybrid WordPress Theme

Author of HybridJustin Tadlock from Themehybrid.com (Free Theme)

Thesis WordPress Theme

thesis wordpress themeAuthor of ThesisDiythemes.com

Wp Unlimited WordPress Theme

wp unlimited wordpress theme

Author of Wp UnlimitedWpunlimited.com

Okay now is the time to vote on which theme you think is better or which wordpress theme you use if you use one of the above..



  1. Thanks Iam looking theme for my wordpress blog http://www.bloggerspeak.com thanks for posting good themes

  2. Scott Lassiter says

    I am looking for a really good theme framework that I can apply a custom design to. I have used a fe3w others successfully for this, however they were not specialized for pure custom design and required a good bit of hacking and cleaning up. I think that Thematic is the way to go, however is the support decent?

    • Hey Scott,
      Yeah the theme is quite customizable however takes a long time to get to know, too much time for me.. For ease of use and better customization I would recommend thesis framework (as like this site)..

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