WordPress Themes for Seo – I go with Hybrid Original

In the last couple of days i have scoured over so many seo themes for wordpress. ( If you were visiting this blog you may have even noticed the theme changes as i tested many themes. ) One aspect in particular that i was after was faster load time, seo aspects and lower cpu usage (I hope my server is more happy now)..

I will have to say by the end of looking at so many themes i had to decide on the famous Hybrid Original for my choice of choices..

I spent days looking over some of the top seo choices, below are some seo themes i looked at ( I feel tired now thinking of all the themes i tried ) –

Some Top WordPress Themes for Seo

  • Thesis
  • Thematic
  • Wp-unlimited
  • and Lastly Hybrid..

(All themes above focused on fast loading seo friendly theme aspects..)

All of which are great choices, but to me nothing beats Hybrid for looks and functionality. As you can see my theme is still in baby stage, but already it looks good. I still need to add a cute logo, a better user friendly footer and some touches to get it to what i see as a totally unique look but even though i am not fully finished yet i am happy with my new theme so far..

Why Hybrid Original you May Ask?

The answer is really simple for choosing Hybrid Original, it is a free highly seo friendly theme that allows all aspects of its theme to be modified. It does need some basic scripting understanding, but other than that it runs from the install on..  As for improvements it loads faster than my last theme, it looks cleaner, is focused on seo more and is more reader friendly..

Let me know what you think of the change..?

In the future i am planning on integrating buddypress for forums and more community based actions..


  1. Blog AutoPoster says

    This is a great and useful post therefore I bookmarked it right now! I also use hybrid one of my blog and I am highly satisfied with it.

    Just keep up the good work 🙂


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