Working Out Affiliate Click Worth the Easy Way

affiliate click worthThis post is dedicated to understanding an affiliate programs click worth better and so to better know your investment value with them.. It is based on mathematics and conversions giving the results a webmaster needs to make more money online. While some may know all about conversions and how to monitor them, adjust them and to master them this is a guide post for those working out converting programs value for beginners..

What made me want to discuss this element was a blogger friend recently asked me why do affiliate programs pay more than AdSense or PPC’s..? The answer was easy, however can be hard to attain or work out why for those new to the affiliate marketing game..

So my answer was, it is all about finding the click value.. Take any targeted affiliate program that converts from your website or blog and look at its clicks it receives to conversions. Then divide your earnings by your clicks. This will give you a basic click value. Below is how to do this yourself..

Example of How to Get Affiliate Click Worth

Let’s take an example of a referral program I recommend and see it’s click value worth and earnings. Okay so let’s use Bidvertiser referral program (from this blog) as an example converting in about 1 sale per 50 clicks. Each value of sale varies but can be estimated of value as $10 to begin, then possibly later $40 more. So a total possible value of $50.  After looking at this figure we first divide 100 by $20 getting its initial click value of 20 cents per click. While not all sales go any further, about half do so giving an extra $80 commission later possibly adding 80 more cents to each click, increasing its value to a dollar per click. While this does not happen each time, a possible optimistic 50 cents per click is very realistic depending on customers purchases, publishers clicks (etc) with the Bidvertiser referral program.

Okay so other programs may be different based on commission structure. It makes sense that a blog about hosting can get massive conversions of recommending hosting referrals or a blog focused on health related will do the same in the health industry referrals. All one needs to do is work out the click worth of each program.

So what is a good Affiliate Click Worth..?

Anything over 30 cents per click is a winner if you ask me.. Over 50 cents per click is brilliant and over a Dollar you have mastered affiliate conversions for your website..

If your site makes close to 30 cents  but less per click, then is it worth promoting you may ask? Well i will leave that up to you, how many conversions your site produces and what are your online goals. While going for over 30 cents worth sounds easy it can depend totally on your target audience, your influence and the value of how your site comes across to your readers.. Work on these and click conversions may improve..

Okay so back to what i was asked about AdSense or other PPC programs. The answer being good click worth affiliate conversions are better.. While there is no way any PPC program can come close to affiliate sales earnings of  mastered affiliate conversions, they are still a part of a website or blogs value.. And like i have said on many other occasions, do not put all your earnings in the one place. Multiple streams is the way..


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