What would be your Ultimate Affiliate Program?

This is an interesting question i was asked a few weeks ago that i thought i would share. What would be the ultimate Affiliate Program to me… After brainstorming on it, i came up with a good answer that sounded like it would be a successful program. I have taken a few elements from many programs as well… ( hopefully no affiliate program owners take offense if i mention there names, take it as it means i like your program)

 What would be my Ultimate Affiliate Program Idea?

  • A pay per action program network like the Pepperjam network but if the ads were more contextual like AdSense.
  • Pay per action as well as a small ppc on the ads… 5 cents will suffice..
  • A free referral program where you received a bonus like 10 dollars as well as say 2% per referred program member for life…
  • Images in contextual image box as well as text… So it is more appealing to readers and looks less like just an ad box. Also if this could be a in text option as well like Kontera Contentlinks for this program where the contextual affiliate program image popped up over the keyword…
  • Also bonuses paid for blogging about particular programs as way of publicity. Say a good review on a program received a 5 dollar bonus.
  • A huge list of affiliate programs to choose from like Pepperjam except in the thousands… This would improve the contextual factors and increase earnings…

Okay so break downs of Earning Potentials with this Affiliate Program Concept…

Okay so first off you can earn per click of up to 5 cents, then a commission per sale depending on the affiliate product. Then if a review is done on certain programs incentive bonuses can be given. Then in text factor increasing performance as well as the contextual factor with images as well. Then lastly for your efforts of referring members you earn around 2% of there earnings for life… This sounds like to me the perfect Affiliate Marketers dream. A basic out of the box all in one program.

So what would be your Ultimate Affiliate Program? Comment Below..

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