The Wow Cool Factor in Affiliate Marketing

It’s all about the wow cool factor. How many times does this happen to you when you are out shopping for someone or for yourself? We look around the store until something jumps out at us and what is the reaction or thought..

“Wow, cool..! This product is awesome..!”

Now after that emotional product response how often is it that you buy the product? Most will probably find that they will buy, even if not then, later on some time. So how can this information help you?

Basically said this cool factor in Internet affiliate marketing is the same. Describe all the wow cool factors in a post about the affiliate product, this includes benefits, what makes it great compared to other product lines and what grabbed your overall attention..?

This technique relates to the concept of how much easier is it to show people how good something is when you like it yourself.

A great example of this is when you see a great movie at the theater, often at times you will mention to at least ten other people how great the movie was and why. Later on with out even knowing maybe a third to half you tell will go see the movie and hey presto it was all because of your share and the word of mouth factor continues. Same goes with online, write the post like you are referring to a great movie in a way..

So anyways back to my point, when exploring affiliate programs for your blog or website to promote try to look for ones you think other people will like as well, the wow factor. This makes it so much more easier don’t you think?  Of course try to consider relation to your niche and testimonies of others using the program. After that it is just about sharing what you think is cool..

When you think about it, this is exactly what makes affiliate marketing so great, you can recommend great programs that you like to others in the same interest, help readers and make some good money on the side..


  1. Great article! So, here’s a question for you…how do you know when you’re too old to know what “cool” is as far as affiliate ads go??

    • Timon Weller says

      Hey Javanx3d,
      Good point, well hopefully if they keep up with the times all is good. Other than that I guess there will be plenty of people in the same boat or same age of interests (no matter how old) that relate still as long as they can relate to the reason they believe the item is cool.. 🙂

  2. Kastina says

    A. Love this post.
    B. I have been searching all day trying to find out how to offer a html code on my page so others can put a image/link on their page- like you do with the image of the dog, and then offer the html under it. HELP ME!

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