Writing Rule One : Always Write Unique Content

writing rules - always use unique contentHow is your unique content going..?

When starting to write online it is always so easy to be distracted by the lazy way out when it it comes to content.. It may be a blog or it may be a new web site, one of the most important online aspects is unique content and content by you.. I will explain why..?

 Writing Rules : Rules or Reasons to Always Write Unique Content

  • Firstly your own unique content gives your website its own unique face that you can build on in the future.. Another way of looking at it, if you are going to be using other peoples content such as articles on your blog or website you may as well cut to the chase and run your own article website..
  • Secondly copying content from other sources is a down right sneaky technique in many ways, you may have permission to do so but in the long run is it worth it..? I can tell you, there is well over a hundred reasons not too..
  • Thirdly duplicate content is a website killer, when search engines detect it on your site the content is lower ranked than others.. This in turn takes all your effort and throws it in the bin..
  • Fourthly, to build high volumes of traffic for your website or blog unique content is the fuel to make it happen. If everyone could start a copy content site and get rich, think of how the Internet would be..? Scary thought hey..?
  • Fifthly.. Article marketing has a place online, but is not the answer to your marketing dreams, remember it creates duplicate content… I do recommend using it as a side promoter however, but in order to be an effective venture it needs to have a blog or website base to link to…
  • Lastly, feel all the good Karma when you have made all the content yourself, knowing now all your efforts will be rewarded in time is better rather than knowing all your efforts are short lived..

Watch out for the Dubious Duplicate Content Marketers

This post was inspired by the constant promotion of dubious duplicate content or article copying techniques that occasionally seem to be promoted online as an easy to start online business technique..

How these online marketers get away with it do not know, but they must get a lot of complaints.? If you have looked at these marketing systems in a the past and have thought about them as an option for good content, do yourself a¬†favor, remember these rules above…

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