Yahoo Search Engine Results Titles are Wrong!

An interesting thing i have been noticing on the Yahoo search engine lately is that all the results are a bit different. It is not like ranking appears to have changed anywhere for general websites, what has changed in the index however it is the titles of most websites that are wrong, some are really different…

Look at some of the crazy test results i did today on Yahoo to see what i mean…

Yahoo Search Engine Results Titles are Wrong!

“ – Real title is –

Earn Money Online with an Online Money Maker – Buyers Web”

Yahoo Search Engine Results Titles are Wrong!

“ – Real Title is –

Emu Store – Emu Oil Products”

¬†Whatever happened with the last yahoo index appears to be what the problem is… I would say it will be fixed next time round, however these title results as shown by the examples above could really put some users off… Fingers crossed next Yahoo index hey…

Have a look yourself at some of the results in Yahoo. Look up your own website (if you have one) and comment about it below…


  1. oh thank goodness. i thought im the only one who noticed.

    yahoo should really do something about it. potential visitors might get turned off with the wrong titles. theyd think those pages dont actually contain what they searched for. tsk.

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