You Have to Build Lists of People!

How is your list going? No matter what you sell online building a list is so important. What do I mean by a list you may ask? It means a mailing list, email subscription lists or social network lists. While Feed Burner by itself is really good, doing a few free emailing courses as well can really boost this number..

Think about it this way.. What is an online business without a list? It simply is a website that gets traffic from the search engines and a few return visits from really interested readers.. Without a good list a website is just like everyone elses.

Here is some examples of Successful Lists you want to Build (in Particular if it is a Blog)

1. Feedburner – This is a must for any blogger.. To subscribe to my feed click here.
2. Emailing List – Such as doing e courses or training emails.. These can include affiliate links so can earn massive dollars as well.. Also it helps capture your audience.
3. Twitter Followers
4. Other Social Networks

Overall the list is where the money is and so this really is a great focus. I know it is easier said than done, however by knowing where to focus it will help you be focused.

Here is some examples of a good list results –

  • 1000 feedburner email subscribers can mean an extra 100 visitors a day..
  • 5000 Twitter Followers can mean an extra 20 to 30 visits per tweeted post
  • A good targetted mailing list of say 1000 email subscribers via  a e course etc can mean more trust and a 25% rise in traffic. Eg 1000 targeted email subscribers can mean an extra 250 loyal visitors to your site regularally after each mailing.. That’s a quarter.

“Lists build traffic, make money online and also create a brand name for your blog.. They are a must and the bigger the list is the more money you will make online..

Added up all together they have the potential to drive massive levels of traffic without having to spend a dime, in fact you will make more money from your lists, recommending necessary online tools than anywhere else..


  1. List building is the best thing anybody can do to boost their business. It does not matter if you have an online or offline business a strong targeted list will help to keep your readers and potential customers informed about new products or services.

  2. Timon Weller says

    Very true Luca, probably the hardest focus for many online but so important.. 🙂

  3. abrablog says

    i use twitter. It works to gather list and traffic.

  4. Timon Weller says

    Hey Abrablog,
    Twitter is one element, yet there are many avenues of list building including email (feedburner), email courses (or marketing funnel) or even running your own affiliate program with an online product. Each of which generate traffic away from the normal avenues.

  5. Liam Martin says

    Any tutorials out there how to become expert in List Building ?’,*

  6. Laser Etching Machine : says

    i do regular list building for my internet marketing ventures, it had helped me boost affiliate marketing sales`-“

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